Richest person of all time, Muslim King Mansa Musa of Mali, gained wealth from the Arab slave trade

The Muslim Issue

This article only mention gold and salt as the source of Muslim King Mansa Musa’s riches. But Mansa Musa’s main source for his income was slavery. Before our history books got rewritten to appease to modern day Arabs, the reality is that the main wealth produced in Africa came from the Arab-African slave trade which was founded by regional African Kings in collaboration with Arab slave traders. When Britain abolished the slave trade worldwide, the ones to object the loudest were the African Kings. They refused to end slavery. After the Middle East, Africa and India are even today the largest slave nations in the world. Arab wealth was accumulated from the combination of robberies, invasion, slavery and international trade.

That slave trade grew to massive proportions under self-proclaimed prophet Mohammed’s Islamic laws. Everyone became victims of slavery, including 6 million Europeans. After Arabs conquered North Africa and forced the…

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